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Hand-Built Pottery Workshop

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600.000 VND/02 sess

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Pottery Painting Experience

From 200,000 VNĐ

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Rent a Pottery Studio

250,000 VNĐ/02 hrs

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Children's Pottery Workshop

600.000 VND/02 sess

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Electric Wheel Pottery Workshop

600.000 VND/02 sess

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Vietclay workshops open up a realm of creativity and unique experiences, where you can immerse yourself in the art of pottery, hand-building, and painting. At Vietclay, you learn more than just new skills; you seize the opportunity to develop and showcase your hidden artistic talents.

250+ Workshops

Vietclay has hosted over 250 pottery workshops, bringing the art of clay to life.

500+ participants

More than 500 participants from various countries have experienced pottery making at Vietclay.

About us

 Join Vietclay in Crafting the Story of Clay

Vietclay is an artistic space where everyone can 'touch the clay' and create their own unique clay story.


Vietclay's pottery workshops allow you to unleash your creativity, or whisper your deepest emotions to the clay. The clay feels, understands, and transforms into anything you wish to express...


More than that, Vietclay is also a pottery shop that narrates the 'transformation story' of clay, under the skilled hands of artisans, turning into essential items for daily life.


Listen to hot Tiktokers share their pottery experiences at Vietclay

Are you looking for a creative and fun activity for the weekends? Join the pottery workshop at Vietclay, where everyone, from beginners to experienced individuals, can find joy and relaxation in creating unique pottery pieces.


Creative Pottery Making Experience


At Vietclay's pottery workshop, you will go through an exciting learning process, starting from the very basics. You will gradually get acquainted with various materials and professional tools in the studio, while receiving dedicated and detailed guidance on pottery techniques, helping you create unique and personal products. The most special and interesting part is the opportunity to "touch the clay," feel its softness and flexibility, and express your unique emotions and feelings in each creative pottery piece.

Discover Yourself in the Hanoi Pottery Class


Pottery, a distinctive art activity at Vietclay in Hanoi, is not just about creating beautiful products, but also embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery. During the molding and creative process, you have the chance to understand your body and mind better, thereby creating pottery pieces that fully reflect your attitude and personal emotions. It's not only an opportunity for unlimited creativity but also a chance to relax, relieve stress, and find joy in every moment of creating unique pottery pieces in Hanoi.

An Ideal Destination for Everyone


Vietclay's pottery workshop, located in the heart of Hanoi, has become a must-visit spot for creative and fun pottery activities. It's an ideal place for all ages, from young people who love exploration and creativity to families, friends, and couples looking for a wonderful experience together. Here, each participant not only immerses themselves in the unique art of pottery but also finds joy and creativity in each pottery product they create, reflecting personal and cultural pottery marks of Hanoi.


Exciting Experiences from Participants


The exciting experiences at the handcrafted pottery workshop in Hanoi have left a deep impression on the participants. After participating, many have shared their feelings about these precious moments. For some, it was a creative session, opening a space to express talent and ideas. Others saw it as a relaxing therapy, helping them relieve stress and regain life balance. Some even viewed it as a journey of soul healing, where they could find peace and happiness. Regardless of the perspective, every moment at this pottery workshop is considered a valuable experience, a recreational activity bringing deep spiritual value.

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Information About Vietclay Workshops in Hanoi


Vietclay organizes small pottery classes at the studio, offering students the opportunity to participate in unique and creative experiences with pottery art. The workshops are designed to suit everyone, from beginners to experienced individuals.


Electric Wheel Pottery Workshop


This workshop is for those who want to experience and learn pottery techniques on an electric wheel. Participants will be guided on how to use the wheel, as well as basic techniques to shape and finish pottery products. It's a great opportunity to learn hand control and feel the flexibility of clay spinning on the wheel.


Handbuilding Pottery Workshop


For those who love freedom and creativity, the hand-built pottery workshop is an ideal choice. Here, you learn how to mold clay by hand, creating shapes and textures as desired. This workshop not only develops pottery skills but also allows you to express your personality and creativity through each product.


Children's Pottery Workshop


Vietclay also organizes pottery workshops specifically for children, aiming to encourage creativity and imagination in young minds. The workshops are designed to be child-friendly, with fun and accessible activities. Children will learn how to familiarize themselves with clay, create simple and interesting pottery products, while developing fine skills and patience.


Each workshop at Vietclay offers a unique and enriching experience, not only teaching pottery skills but also opening new doors to explore and express oneself through the art of pottery.


💰 Workshop Participation Fee


To participate in the handcrafted pottery experience at the studio, the fee is set at 600,000 VND for 02 sessions per person. The first session includes guidance on pottery making, and the second session is for painting the product.

This fee includes all necessary materials and tools, ensuring that you have everything you need to create unique and personal handcrafted pottery products.


📍 Time and Location


The pottery workshops are usually held every weekend at 10, alley 695 Bach Dang, Chuong Duong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, offering a special experience for those who love pottery art.


You can choose to participate in one of two time slots: morning from 9:00 to 11:00 or afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00.


Due to the limited number of participants to ensure the best quality experience in each class, it is important to contact and schedule in advance to secure a spot.


🗓️ Booking and Contact


Vietclay supports private booking for groups of 03 people or more. Contact us immediately via our hotline 0788281992 or fanpage to register. Don't miss the opportunity to join the workshops at Vietclay pottery shop, where you can explore, create, and find joy in each unique pottery piece of your own!

 Hanoi Pottery Workshop: Learn Pottery, Experience Creativity

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